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Nagaia, Retriever Mix Wheelchair

February 7, 20120Pet Wheelchair Carts

Nagaia, Retriever Mix Wheelchair

February 7, 2012 0

Nagaia Speakman is a 14 year-old retriever-mix that began seeing Dr. lane in October of 2009. Dr. Lane diagnosed Nagaia with an age related degenerative myelopathy and a polyneuropathy. Nagaia’s dysfunction is progressing very slowly and in September 2010 at a recheck her owners reported that occasionally her hind limbs would slip out from underneath her. Nagaia also was not able to go on as long of walks as she used to. Dr. Lane’s recommendation was to continue with a regular exercise program to help keep her walking for as long as possible. This could only be done with the use of a Para cart and hydrotherapy. Nagaia adjusted to her para cart quickly and started being able to go on longer walks with her housemate again. Quality of life has remained.

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