Wheelchair Carts for Pets: Daisy

clip_image006“Daisy” Collins – Rottweiler

Daisy, a Rottweiler came to see Dr. Lane after losing the use her hind limbs. Daisy experienced a compressive spinal cord injury from a ruptured intervertebral disc. Following spinal surgery to remove the spinal cord compression, Daisy quickly evidenced the need for greater support when walking, due to her size. Daisy used a rear support cart while hospitalized. To help with her recovery, Daisy used a loaner rear support cart offered by Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology as a part of her rehabilitation process. Daisy, a very happy and social Rottweiler, received the added benefit of freedom to get out of her cage and meet other dogs and humans during recovery. She knew when it was time to go for a walk and would drag herself to the front of the cage when it was time to go for a stroll in her cart.

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