Wheelchair Carts for Pets: Chopper

clip_image002“Chopper” Williams – Yellow Lab

Chopper, a Labrador retriever came to see Dr. Lane because he was weak in his hind limbs. Diagnosed with a bone tumor in his right hind leg, surgery was not an option. As Chopper’s walks became shorter, his mom wondered what else she could do to help him. Hesitantly, Chopper’s mom decided to try a rear support cart provided by Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology. She was nervous that he might not like the cart and even if he did, her concern was how much benefit would it really bring him and for how long? The expense of the wheelchair cart was also a factor that was considered. Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology provided Chopper with a loaner cart. Chopper’s mom quickly noticed a change. Chopper was able to go on long walks again, his tail was wagging more and he was able to play with other dogs at the park. Chopper is now walking at least 1 mile each day. The quality of life this cart provides is evident.

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