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Chaucer, Basset Hound Wheelchair

Chaucer, Basset Hound Wheelchair

June 6, 2011 0

“Chaucer” Keene – Basset Hound

Chaucer is an elderly Basset statesman sporting his shiny new wheels. Chaucer re-presented to Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology because of declining spinal cord function over the past year. Chaucer had undergone successful decompressive surgery in 2006 with return to a walking status, after suffering a ruptured intervertebral disc extrusion and paralysis. Further testing and surgery is not possible for Chaucer’s owners at this time. To improve Chaucer’s quality of life, a para cart was recommended. With a proud look, Chaucer poses in his new para cart. “OK dad, enough of the pics, lets start walkin!”

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