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Why Choose RMVN?

Dr. Stephen Lane has 25 years of experience as a Diplomate in Neurology/Neurosurgery, which is unmatched in the state of Colorado. When you entrust Dr. Lane with your patients, you know that you are putting them in the best hands in the field.

Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology is also the only neurology center in Colorado with around-the-clock, 24/7 neurology-staffed care. When you refer a case to RMVN, you can be assured that continuity of care occurs. Our highly-trained, immensely-experienced technical staff are dedicated to making sure that your patients receive the neurologic attention they need and deserve.

How Do I…

Refer a Client to RMVN?

We encourage you to complete a Neurology Referral Form and send it directly to us at 303-874-2071 (FAX) or by email to info@RMVNeurology.com. The referral form can be found on our website or you can have your client call us directly at 303-874-2081. One of our friendly coordinators will be happy to assist your clients in setting up a consultation appointment with Dr. Lane. We also accept emergencies*—directed from your office—so please feel free to contact us any time for more info. (*referrals are not necessary for emergencies)

Am I Able to…

Request a Phone Consultation with Dr. Lane?

Dr. Lane is available to consult with you on any neurological cases that you might have. Please call to speak with one of our coordinators who will be happy to make sure that Dr.Lane contacts you regarding your patient. Our phones are open 24 hours a day so you are ensured of speaking to a neurology staff member whenever you need to.

How Will I…

Receive Patient Information from RMVN?

After your client/patient’s appointment with Dr. Lane, you will receive a written report of Dr. Lane’s findings and further recommendations, via FAX or email. We generally are able to make sure you that receive this report within 24 hours of your patient’s examination. Dr. Lane also generates a report on any neurological procedure that your patient undergoes so that you are fully aware of all diagnostics that we have performed at our hospital. Our staff is available 24/7 to provide updates on the status of hospitalized pets. As an extension of our practice, we strive for clear and efficient communication with you regarding all of our shared patients.

“Dr. Lane is professional and collaborative–he prioritizes the patient“


Referring Veterinarian

Everyone at Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology has been very professional, kind and considerate to my patients and their humans! I was very relieved to have made contact with Dr. Lane–so quickly! I’m confident that Dr. Lane is the best veterinary neurologist in Colorado!

Referring Veterinarian

What would we have done if we didn’t have the best specialty vet emergency care available to us–so close to our clinic? I was able to hand off my suffering patient–right into Dr. Lane’s hands–which provided the utmost accurate diagnosis and treatment! Thank you Dr. Lane and RMVN!

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