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Wheelchair Carts for Pets: Dylan

“Dylan” Leikam – Doberman Pinscher Dylan appears to have difficulty with imitation grass. Actually, Dylan is experiencing the benefit of the tetra cart during the initial stages of his recovery from spinal surgery. Dylan presented unable to walk on all limbs due to two levels of compression on his spinal cord. Following surgery, Dylan was […]

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Wheelchair Carts for Pets: Buddy

“Buddy” Gray – Miniature Dachshund Buddy enjoys a sunny day in Colorado with the help of his paracart. Recovering from an intervertebral disc extrusion and paralysis of his rear legs, the paracart is allowing Buddy to experience the joys offered to ambulatory pets. Keep up the good work Buddy!

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Wheelchair Carts for Pets: Leia

“Leia” Christian – Yellow Lab Leia, a Yellow Labrador, lost her ability to stand and walk on all 4 legs due to a spinal cord problem in her neck. Dr. Lane utilized magnetic resonance imaging of her neck (cervical spine) to diagnose Leia’s problem, a spinal tumor. Spinal Tumor Resection was performed to remove as […]

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Wheelchair Carts for Pets: Spunky

“Spunky” Harwell – German Shepard Spunky presented to Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology on April 27, 2009. At nearly 9 years of age, Spunky has remained an outgoing and very friendly German Shepard dog. Spunky appreciated a 12-month history of progressive pelvic-limb scuffing, weakness and wobbliness. Despite remaining pain free, this energetic companion was unable to […]

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Wheelchair Carts for Pets: Maggie

“Maggie” Jamison – Corgi Maggie has provided great joy to all that encounter her smile. As her rear legs began to fail, her mother did not hesitate when a rear leg para wheelchair cart was suggested. After a quick fitting, Maggie peeled rubber out of the hospital. She was last seem motoring through the local […]

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