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Dylan appears to have difficulty with imitation grass. Actually, Dylan is experiencing the benefit of the tetra cart during the initial stages of his recovery from spinal surgery. Dylan presented unable to walk on all limbs due to two levels of compression on his spinal cord. Following surgery, Dylan was reluctant to attempt to stand and walk. We are happy to report that Dylan is now ambulating without the need of assistance.


Leia, a Yellow Labrador, lost her ability to stand and walk on all 4 legs due to a spinal cord problem in her neck. Dr. Lane utilized magnetic resonance imaging of her neck (cervical spine) to diagnose Leia’s problem, a spinal tumor. Spinal Tumor Resection was performed to remove as much of the tumor as possible. A week following surgery she was placed into a quad wheelchair offered as a loaner by Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology.  Leia was so weak she had initial difficulty holding her head up for more than a couple minutes. Because of this case, Doggon’ Wheels will add chin rests on future quad wheelchairs.

Each day Leia gained strength in all four of her legs. Her mom took the quad wheelchair home to help in her recovery. Leia only needed the wheelchair for a little over a week, as she improved quickly, no longer needing the extra support to walk. Leia’s recovery demonstrates how valuable wheelchair carts can be in the rehabilitation process.


Spunky presented to Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology on April 27, 2009. At nearly 9 years of age, Spunky has remained an outgoing and very friendly German Shepard dog. Spunky appreciated a 12-month history of progressive pelvic-limb scuffing, weakness and wobbliness. Despite remaining pain free, this energetic companion was unable to experience long walks with his mother.

Diagnosed with a progressive spinal cord condition by Dr. Lane, Spunky underwent magnetic resonance imaging and cerebrospinal fluid analysis to determine the cause. Spunky has been diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. This is a genetic, pre-programmed spinal cord degeneration for which there is no cure. Regular activity and exercise has been shown to represent the single most important deterrent for rapid progression of this disease. Because of Spunky’s size, this has been a barrier his owner has not been able to overcome. Hydrotherapy is not an option as Spunky is afraid of water.

To help improve the quality of Spunky’s life, a rear support cart has been introduced and provided by Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology. His mother mirrors the happiness displayed on his face. Spunky will now be able to go for long walks without the need for support by his mother. Try and keep up, mom!


Maggie has provided great joy to all that encounter her smile. As her rear legs began to fail, her mother did not hesitate when a rear leg para wheelchair cart was suggested. After a quick fitting, Maggie peeled rubber out of the hospital. She was last seem motoring through the local dog park with her mother fast on her “wheels”.

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