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June 8, 2011 Featured Patients0

Koa resides in the mountains of Colorado with his sister Kirra and parents. Suffering from an acute immune mediated nerve disease, Koa could not stand and walk for more than a few steps without weakening and collapsing. With a diagnosis and implementation of therapy, Koa is now able to go for long walks and play with his sister without weakness. A must for a young Malamute. With winter coming, Koa looks forward to a great snow year. Koa enjoys a brief timeout from playing ball with his parents to smile for the camera. Say Cheese!

June 8, 2011 Featured Patients0

“Eukie” Tarry – Malamute

We are often asked to define happiness for our pets. Eukie’s owners, Holly and Jason, allowed Eukie to dictate this pleasure for himself and his parents. They had no idea they were his vehicle. The picture cannot provide insight to the personality this dog had. Eukie greeted Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology with a friendly and helpful attitude, despite the inability to walk without weakness, discomfort and collapse. His family knew he was failing and asked for help.

Eukie underwent further testing which allowed for the diagnosis of idiopathic femoral thrombosis. Eukie had blockages of the main blood vessels providing blood flow to his rear legs. This resulted in inadequate delivery of energy molecules and the removal of toxic by-products from muscle function. The result, failure of muscle function and pain.

Aggressive management was implemented to thin his blood and increase blood flow to his muscles. Eukie never complained. After going home with his family, Eukie experienced a sudden lung complication from his disease resulting in respiratory difficulty and hospitalization. Even when fighting to breathe, Eukie found time to bay and howl! Sadly, Eukie slipped farther from our care despite a strong effort. Holly and Jason were asked to look inside and make the most difficult decision of their lives for their life-long companion. The Tarrys made this decision out of love as well as in thanks for all that Eukie had done for them and for the people he touched.

Your beautiful photograph demonstrates the joy he had with you both. Many of us will never begin to enjoy that which you gave to Eukie, and he returned to you 10 fold! We must also believe Eukie is still at the summit waiting. Eukie will be missed but never forgotten. Our thoughts are with you both and your companion.

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