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February 6, 2012 Featured Patients0

Stitch was referred to Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology on March 30, 2011 for neurological evaluation. The previous night, Stitch became acutely tetraparetic (weak in all 4 legs), with no known trauma. After evaluation by Dr. Lane, Stitch underwent an MRI of his cervical spinal cord and was diagnosed with an acute ischemic infarction (stroke) of his cervical (neck) spinal cord. This is similar to experiencing a stroke of the brain, but to the spinal cord, which affected Stitch’s ability to move all of his limbs.

Stitch remained in the hospital under the care of the neurology staff for 4 days. Stitch’s parents were taught to care for him at home. A tetra-cart was utilized to aid with his physical therapy and recovery. Stitch’s owners remained committed to his recovery, making all accommodations for Stitch during his rehabilitation. Stitch had a schedule of physical therapy, most of which was performed at home with his parents. On weekends he went for hydrotherapy.

Stitch never gave up, always happy to make an effort for his parents. Stitch used the tetra cart initially, to just simply remain in a standing position for minutes at a time. He eventually started walking in the cart, allowing increased activity and longer.

Stitch and his parents had 5 months of physical therapy and rehabilitation. When Stitch came in for his recheck in September, he was walking on his own again and quite happy. He is still a little weak, but will continue to improve for months to come. He’s back to enjoying life with his family and other dog mate.




June 23, 2011 Pet Memorials0

Red October presented to Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology in March of 2009. Living an outdoor life in Montana meant everything to Red and his owners. Red presented after his owner noticed him having difficulty walking with his hind limbs.

Following assessment and magnetic resonance imaging, Red October was found to suffer from a chronic intervertebral disc extrusion and an infection of a the disc and adjoining bones of the spine (vertebrae). Red October underwent surgery for his disc rupture and spinal cord injury and long-term antibiotic therapy was instituted for the spinal infection. His recovery was uneventful. Red returned to Montana with his owners and resumed an active outdoor lifestyle.

Unique to this family association was that Red October’s owner is a certified canine massage therapist. Red received frequent massages and physical therapy right in his own home. Yet, Red preferred going to the clinic with his owner to socialize while he received his massage.

Red October made the long trip back to Denver in October of 2010. His owner had noticed that he was starting to walk with a choppy gait in his front limbs and becoming weaker again on his hind limbs. Magnetic resonance imaging was repeated. Red October was now found to have compression of his spinal cord in his neck. Red October underwent cervical spinal surgery to correct the spinal cord compression. His recovery was slower than his first surgery despite his mother ensuring all Red October’s needs were fulfilled. Red October was pain free and back with his sister Magic who suffers from recurrent seizures.

In life, most are remembered by the accomplishments they failed to achieve. Red October will be remembered by his strong and positive personality and wagging tail. His human mother believed in quality of life.

Red was an inspiration and best friend to his mother who loved him dearly. Red October passed away almost a year after his second spinal surgery. Many that loved him will miss him.

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