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June 8, 2011 Featured Patients0

Tabby presented to Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology in October of 2008 suffering from continuous generalized and partial seizures. The onset of neurological change was sudden and concerning. Tabby was referred for further diagnostic testing and specialized neurological care. Despite unpredicted results, Tabby’s owners, Sandy and John, remained dedicated and supportive of Tabby as he underwent extensive diagnostic testing including magnetic resonance imaging study and cerebrospinal fluid centesis for analysis.

Tabby was diagnosed with idiopathic recurrent seizures, and attempts to control the seizures were in place. This was no easy task with Tabby progressing into continuous seizures, refractory to treatment. Tabby was placed into a barbiturate coma for 48 hours in an attempt to slow and halt his seizures. Tabby slowly responded and was able to re-join his family at home, with the help of veterinarian, Dr. Joe Schmidt. Dr. Schmidt was instrumental in Tabby’s recovery as voluntary urination was not present when Tabby was sent home. Tabby was catheterized daily. Not an easy task in a cat! The ability to voluntarily urinate returned as Tabby responded to therapy.

Tabby has shown the difficult side to seizure management for pet owners, developing uncontrolled seizures following discharge and initial control. Tabby re-presented for further control of recurrent seizures. Management was again successful, and Tabby returned home to the loving and devoted care we should all experience.

Pet owners are often times asked whether treatment of their pet would provide for a quality of life. The Applegates remained steadfast in their support for Tabby, while impressing upon Dr. Lane the fact that he would make their cat better. Tabby has responded to the excellent care of the Applegates as well as the technical team of Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology. Tabby now enjoys a wonderful lifestyle with the Applegates and a new housemate. We wish Tabby and the Applegates the best in the future.

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