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September 29, 2014 Featured Patients0

Meet Fitzgerald. Would you have guessed he’s 14 years old? Yes, he is a lovable Border Collie that is a long time client of Dr. Lane. He has had multiple surgeries over the years and was presented today with vestibular signs. He is getting all the love in the world while receiving a daily exam from Dr. Lane. Way to go Fitz!!


February 7, 2012 Featured Patients0

Welby is a Border Collie that initially came to see Dr. Lane in June of 2007. In April of 2007 Welby started favoring her right hind leg and was reluctant to exercise as much has she normally had. This progressed to the point where she no longer wanted to go on walks. Welby would walk for a short period of time and sit down and refuse to go any further. After evaluation with Dr. Lane, it was determined that she had an ischemic neuromyopathy caused by bilateral femoral artery thrombosis. This means that she developed a blood clot that lodged in the termination of the aorta at the branches of her femoral arteries. This resulted in a blocking of the major blood supply from the heart to her back legs.

Additional testing was performed to identify the underlying disease that caused the clot to form. Her clot had formed spontaneously without cause that could be determined (idiopathic thrombosis). The treatment for Welby is a blood thinner to prevent further clot formation. The use of this medication required that Welby return to the Neurology staff frequently to monitor her clotting values. Dr. Lane would assess the lab results and make changes to the medication dosages based on the lab work and Welby’s activity level.

Welby has remained stable for the last several years, thanks to Dr. Lane and his expertise. Just this year Shelby was switched to a new blood thinner that has been shown to have less long-term side effects. Shelby is a happy dog that now enjoys walks of 15-20 minutes at a time. She’s happy to be a family dog and receive all of her owners’ love and attention.

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