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Shadow Zonker, Shih Tzu

June 8, 2011Featured Patients

Shadow Zonker, Shih Tzu

June 8, 2011

After experiencing sudden onset of seizures, Shadow began a life-long association with Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology. Through the adversity of seizures and repeated hospitalizations, Shadow always maintained a loving personality and strong desire to return home to her caring family. Mrs. Zonker commented that she watched Dr. Lane grow up after the many years of professional care given to Shadow. These years were good to Shadow and her family. She was loved, and knew it. She also gave back to her family. While we often talk of our successes to cure, Shadow is a testament to our ability to provide quality of life. Shadow experienced recurrent seizures due to epilepsy for over 9 years. Her parents allowed her to receive forefront care and medications, to help control her seizures and give her a greater quality of life. She utilized this gift afforded her by her family, and reciprocated 10-fold. For this we are happy. We all loved Shadow. She will be missed. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge March 24, 2010.

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