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Scooby Scott-Farrington, Lab Mix Wheelchair

Scooby Scott-Farrington, Lab Mix Wheelchair

June 8, 2011 0

Scooby, a Labrador retriever became a patient of Dr. Lane after losing complete function of his hind limbs. Scooby required decompressive spinal surgery. Scooby’s recovery was long and difficult. Aiding in the recovery process, Scooby used a loaner rear support cart offered by Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology as a part of his rehabilitation process. At first the chair was supporting all of his weight as he drug his hind limbs behind him. Over time he started to move his hind limbs and his parents were able to adjust the chair to make him support more of his weight. Scooby continued to progress and gain more strength and ability to move his hind legs appropriately. He is now able to walk on his own without use of the chair.

Without the use of the wheelchair cart, Scooby would have experienced a slower recovery. His parents, who both work, were also pleased with the freedom the wheelchair gave Scooby and themselves during his recovery.

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