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My Dog Or Cat Has Trouble Using All Four Legs

December 20, 20120Pet Tips

My Dog Or Cat Has Trouble Using All Four Legs

December 20, 2012 0

My dog or cat has trouble using all four legs. What can I do to help my pet until I see the neurologist?

A chest harness can be used to help support the front portion of your pet. Use the top part of the chest harness like a suitcase handle to give your pet support and prevent him or her from falling. You may also want to use a bath towel, rolled up and placed under the abdomen, right in front of the hind legs to help support the hind end as you hold up the chest harness.

Anytime your pet is weak or cannot stand/walk you should contact your family veterinarian or Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology immediately. Some pets can become permanently paralyzed without prompt treatment. Please call to schedule an appointment with a board certified veterinary neurologist at Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology. We can help determine whether your pet needs assessment on an emergency basis.

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