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My Cat Or Dog Leans One Direction When Walking

December 20, 20120Pet Tips

My Cat Or Dog Leans One Direction When Walking

December 20, 2012 0

My dog or cat leans one direction when walking or continues to fall either to the left or the right while walking. What can I do to help my pet until I see the neurologist?

By using a chest harness you will be able to help your pet walk and prevent from falling. Use the top part of the chest harness like a suitcase handle to provide support.

Stand on the same side of your pet that they are leaning against or falling toward and allow to lean on you as you walk.

When picking your pet up, have the side of their body that they lean or fall to next to your body. This will ensure your pet feels more secure as they anchor against something solid.

All balance problems are extremely debilitating and need to be addressed as soon as possible by your family veterinarian or a board certified neurologist. Please call Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology to schedule an appointment. We will help determine whether your pet needs assessment on an emergency basis.

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