Pet Tip: How Do I Keep My Pet Clean If He/She Urinates Or Defecates On Themselves?


It is very important to keep your pet’s skin and fur clean and dry to prevent sores or rashes from developing. If urine is not cleaned off the skin, this will lead to urine scald and breakdown of the normal barriers of the skin.

The use of clear, fragrant free liquid dish detergents and warm water is a safe, economic and efficient way to cleanse your pet’s skin and hair. It is important to ensure the skin is rinsed thoroughly and the skin and fur are dry following washing. Trapping the moisture under the hair leads to bacterial overgrowth on the skin and superficial infection.

Baby wipes can be used to clean dogs with short hair. Wipes work well because they do not leave the skin and fur wet, which increases the occurrence of sores.

A wet towel with clear, fragrant free liquid dish detergent and warm water works well to spot clean your pet, followed by a dry towel and hair dryer to dry the fur.

The use of waterless shampoo products available at most pet stores can be used to spot clean your pet and do not leave the skin and fur wet after cleaning.


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