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Max O’Shea, Crossbreed Bull terrier

June 23, 20110Featured Patients

Max O’Shea, Crossbreed Bull terrier

June 23, 2011 0

Renee and Eliot have been the proud parents of Max, a crossbreed Bull terrier, for about 10 years.  He was rescued from the Humane Society in Boulder, Colorado.  Max was initially found as a stray in Denver and the person who found him saw how special he was and made sure to drive him to Boulder so that he might have a fair chance to be adopted.  At the Humane Society he was treated for an ear infection, and was presumed to have been in multiple dogfights.  Even though Max had a rough start in life, he immediately gave his whole heart to his new family from his first day in his forever home.  While testing the boundaries of his new home Max ‘accidentally’ broke through the screen door, but instead of running away, he walked himself around to the front porch to wait for his owners to come back home.  Because of the loyal demeanor Max showed, his owners made sure that he always had the best.

Max presented to Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology in December of 2008.   Max had a long history of left pelvic limb gaiting change and difficulty doing upward-oriented activities.  This change was noticed when Max jumped into the car and began to yelp and hold up his left hind leg. Increasing weakness was also noted to be progressing in his left hind leg.  After his examination, Dr. Lane determined that Max had a T3-L3 Myelopathy and a Sciatic neuropathy. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) would be necessary to determine the cause.  The following day Max underwent MRI and Surgery to decompress an intervertebral disc extrusion at L2-L3 and fix a malformation and disc extrusion at L7-S1.  Max recovered quickly.  He always wagged his tail and maintained a positive attitude, especially when his people would come to visit him.  After a short hospital stay Max went home to finish his recovery with his family.

The Marshall O’Shea family brought Max back to Dr. Lane in March of 2011.  He was again experiencing weakness in his rear legs and pain. Max again underwent MRI and a surgery using a right hemilaminectomy to decompress an intervertebral disc extrusion at L1-L2.  Max recovered without incident. After an uneventful recovery and multiple loving visits from his family, Max was up and walking.  During each of his hospital stays Max was as happy as possible and would never turn down extra love from his technicians.  He has since gotten back to all of his normal activities, including looking after the newest addition to the Marshall O’Shea family.

Max has continued to recover with his loving family and has been more than happy to help his people with his new human brother, Kannen.  Max’s owners call him their first child and are grateful for the extra years they have been able to spend with him.

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