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Meka Hooks, Doberman

June 8, 20110Featured Patients

Meka Hooks, Doberman

June 8, 2011 0

Meka Hooks presented to Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology with a very vibrant, shy and stubborn personality. Meka was experiencing progressive gaiting difficulty characterized by slipping, sliding, and falling on all limbs. Despite this difficulty, Meka continued to try to keep up with her younger Doberman housemate, and warm the hearts of all she came into contact with.

Meka suffered from cervical (neck) spinal cord dysfunction, which affected her ability to control her legs. With the use of magnetic resonance imaging, Meka was diagnosed with a multilevel vertebral malformation (abnormal growth and development of the vertebrae). This syndrome is the result of excessive vertebral boney growth with the result of pinching the spinal cord causing the information traveling from her legs to the brain and back to be delayed. The result, weakness and wobbliness. Surgery was performed to remove the abnormal vertebral boney development and pressure from the spinal cord. Meka recovered from surgery without incident only to deteriorate 36 hours following surgery, Mekas spine had moved, or subluxated causing pressure to the underside of her spinal cord. Meka underwent a second surgery with fusion of her subluxated vertebrae. She again recovered from surgery with the dedication of the neurology team and her parents.

Meka’s unique personality endowed her to everyone she came into contact with. The neurology team was impressed with her challenging personality and spent many hours attempting to encourage her not to give up. Meka is now recovering at home with her family and her housemate, who loves to curl up with Meka and sleep during the day. Progressive neurologic recovery has occurred and Meka now enjoys 3 walks each day. If she chooses! We feel fortunate that we have been allowed the chance to work with the Hooks and help such a wonderful dog.

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