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October 4, 2014 0

Last Thursday Moxon’s mom woke up to find him unable to use his hind legs. He experienced pain and was seen by his regular veterinarian, but his symptoms continued to worsen. When Moxon arrived at the VRCC he was seen on an emergency basis by Dr. Lane, who found he had minimal feeling in his hind legs and tail but no ability to move them. He was rushed into MRI and found to have a large disk extrusion in his Lumbar spine. Emergency surgery followed. For the last few days, Moxon has been resting comfortably but has been reluctant to move his hind legs, even though his feeling and motor function has been improving daily. This morning, our patient care technician carried him outside to help him walk with a sling and Moxon jumped up by himself and tried to run away! He is going home today to his very grateful family.

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