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September 26, 2014 0

We tried to sneak up and take a picture of Libo while he was fast asleep (and snoring), but he awoke when we opened up the kennel. Libo started having trouble walking back in August. He progressively got worse despite rest and steroids. His family spent the last couple months raising funds to have his diagnostics done. When he was admitted he appeared to be cyanotic, therefore Dr. Lane requested an echocardiogram to be sure anesthesia would be tolerated. After he got thumbs up for anesthesia, MRI diagnosed IVDE at C3-C4 and surgery was performed. Anesthesia went without a hitch. We will give Libo a few days of rest before his rehabing begins. Chronic IVDE patients can take longer to regain function and strength. Send good thoughts Libo’s way!

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