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Panda, Collie Mix

October 9, 20140Featured Patients

Panda, Collie Mix

October 9, 2014 0

This long tongue belongs to Panda! No, not the actual Panda Bear, but this super soft boy looks very much like one! Panda is a 7-year-old Collie mix, who has a 2-year history of non-painful gaiting changes… getting clumsy, and not being able to climb onto the couch being primary complaints. He originally came to see us June 10th. Panda then had an MRI with us on June 12th, to where Panda was diagnosed with an Intramedullary Cervical Myelopathy, and a mild narrowing at C4,C5 (Stenosis). Panda was put on a Dexamethasone trial, and he came to visit us today for a recheck! Although its slightly disappointing that Panda is not a real Panda bear (’cause that would be SOOO cool!), we still love seeing him, as his huge long tongue gives us all wonderful face washes. 🙂

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