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Gweni, Corgi Wheelchair

February 7, 20120Pet Wheelchair Carts

Gweni, Corgi Wheelchair

February 7, 2012 0

Gweni Gregory is an 11 year-old Corgi who started coming to Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology in April 2010 with the complaint of hind limb dysfunction over the previous year. Dr. Lane diagnosed her with degenerative myelopathy and recommended a regular exercise program and a Para cart to aid in exercise and quality of life. Gweni’s parents decided to get her the Para cart before she really needed it so that she would have plenty of time to get used to and figure out how to use it.

Early in her disease she didn’t need to use it very often but as the months progressed she has started using it on a more regular basis. Her parents believe that starting use of the cart before she really needed it was beneficial in her training. She can now go just about anywhere or over any surface she wants with little difficulty.  Gweni also received the purple colored Para cart, as the simple grey was just not stylish enough for her!

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