What to expect at RMVN

best-neuro-vet-colorado-10When your appointment is scheduled, our coordinator will ask for all pertinent information, so that your pet’s file will be ready when you arrive. Your initial office appointment is scheduled for 40 minutes. Please plan to arrive early.

After checking in at our front desk, one of our certified technicians will introduce themselves, weigh your pet, and then escort you to one of our examination rooms. The technician will obtain a temperature, pulse and respirations of your pet, and ask you a few brief questions to get an understanding of the reason for your visit. Dr. Lane will obtain a more detailed medical history when he performs his examination.

After performing a thorough physical and neurological evaluation, Dr. Lane will spend the remainder of the time discussing his findings, considered causes, diagnostic and treatment options, and answer questions.

Following your visit, Dr. Lane will generate a detailed letter regarding your visit. This will be faxed to your veterinarian, so they have a complete record of our findings and remain involved in the future care of your pet.

How do I prepare for my vet appointment?

best-neuro-vet-colorado-18To make your appointment time more effective, we ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your appointment time to fill out all necessary paperwork. There are also a few important items you should bring along with you to improve the value of your appointment. Obtaining a copy of your pet’s most recent medical records, including all recent laboratory testing, or having them faxed or e-mailed prior to your appointment should be part of your homework before arrival. We also prompt your veterinarian for all records at the time you schedule your appointment. If your veterinarian has taken recent radiographs, or if there are advanced imaging studies (CT, MRI), we request that you bring the original or copies of these studies to your appointment. We recommend that you bring all current medications and dosages to your appointment. For patients experiencing seizures, please bring a record of your pet’s seizure history.


New Patient Form

best-neuro-vet-colorado-03It is important to bring as much current information regarding your pet’s condition as possible. If available, bring a copy of your pet’s medical records, current blood work, and radiographs. And, downloading Neurology’s Patient Intake Form and filling it out completely will help facilitate your first visit.




How-To Complete Intake Form:

1. Click below to download form

2. Open PDF Form

3. You can edit the form through Acrobat PDF

4. When form is complete, SAVE AS your form

5. You can email to us the completed form.

:: Patient Intake Form

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe Acrobat is required to view and print Patient Intake Form.
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 Pet Hospitalization Services

DSC03129The VRCC provides 24-hour care for all hospitalized patients. There are doctors and technicians on staff at all times. A certified technical team will provide the personalized care necessary for your pet, while hospitalized overnight at the VRCC. Our overnight technicians have been trained in all specialties. Dr. Lane performs a physical and neurological examination on your pet each morning, along with continued daily assessments. Knowledgeable, current and factual status assessments allow for unsurpassed patient care.







RMVN Visiting Hours

Visitation photoBefore coming to visit your pet, we ask that you first speak with a neurology technician. For patients recovering from spinal surgery, we often advise against visiting during the first 24 hours following surgery. The VRCC has designated visiting hours. You will receive an information packet describing our service, recommendations and hospital guidelines. Please contact our coordinator or a technician, with any questions you may have.







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