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Emma Cox, Feline, Tabby Mix Wheelchair

February 7, 20120Pet Wheelchair Carts

Emma Cox, Feline, Tabby Mix Wheelchair

February 7, 2012 0

Emma is a 13-year-old DSH cat that came to Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology in September of 2011. Emma experienced sudden onset of inability to walk on all limbs (tetraparesis). Emma could move her back legs but was unable to stand or walk on her own. Following magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of her cervical (neck) spinal cord it was determined that Emma had suffered a stroke in her cervical spinal cord. This is the result of blockage of a blood vessel feeding the spinal cord.

Emma remained hospitalized under Dr. Lane’s care for close to a week. The staff of Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology performed physical therapy, passive range of motion and massage on her frequently throughout the day. When Emma began pushing herself around, she was placed in a tetra cart to help with her rehabilitation. Almost immediately Emma was trying to walk. She was able to push off with her hind limbs and propel herself forward. Three weeks after her injury Emma was walking without the use of the quad cart. She is still very weak, but continues to improve.

Emma demonstrated a great personality during her stay. She is one of the only cats to tolerate the tetra cart. She allowed the staff to do anything necessary without complaint. Emma was also very talkative despite the infarction making her voice soft and weak. Emma would “mouth” a meow without audible noise when spoken to. Emma is destined to enjoy a lifetime walking and talking.



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