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June 6, 2018 Testimonials0

Dear Dr. Stephen Lane, DVM; and all of the staff at the Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology Hospital: I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you did for our beloved 5-year-old Dachshund, The Baron Manfred Von Richthofen “Manfred” – as well as for my family. Manfred had surgery today to correct large ruptured discs.

I called early the morning of July 17 and spoke with Molly and I let her know that Manfred wasn’t walking, eating, going potty and was lethargic. I was very upset and Molly said all the right things to calm me down and was so full of compassion for Manfred and for us. Molly genuinely felt my pain. Molly understood immediately what needed to be done. She even met us upon our arrival and took Manfred back for an examination.

On June 27, Manfred had been playing with our other Dachshund when he yelped because he got hurt. After numerous visits, our regular vet was unable to determine what exactly was wrong. Different approaches were tried but after 2 ½ weeks Manfred was worse and was suffering. It was unbearable to watch. When I gave Manfred to Molly, I finally felt that Manfred was in the right hands because of Molly’s confidence. It was a huge burden off of us to know Manfred was finally where he needed to be to get help.

Rihanna was also wonderful. After Molly left for the day, Rihanna spoke with me numerous times throughout the day, providing us with updates and taking care of Manfred and briefing us on the next steps. Rihanna spent as much time on the phone with me as I needed, she answered my numerous questions. She’s very positive and upbeat and she was very helpful.

Another of your staff, Becky, also provided outstanding customer service. Becky helped me work with our pet insurance, Trupanion. Becky not only took good care of Manfred but she took good care of me as well while I was visiting Manfred in neurology. Becky even made me laugh during one of the worst days I’ve ever had in my life.

Dr. Stephen Lane took the time to speak with me at length about the next steps for Manfred and I know how busy he must be but he took more time to explain things to me than a human doctor does. I knew right away that Dr. Lane would fix Manfred and I wasn’t scared anymore. Dr. Lane also spoke in layman’s terms so that you could understand what was going to happen. If more human doctors were like Dr. Lane our medical community would be in better shape! I felt like Manfred was Dr. Lane’s number one priority, he knew all about Manfred and when he spoke with me, as far as he was concerned, Manfred was the only dog on the planet at that time. That’s a gift that few people have. The relief his phone calls provided us – can’t be stated in words.

Surgery day. This morning, as promised we received a phone call when Manfred was going under anesthesia, then another phone call after the MRI was completed, then a call to brief us on how surgery went, then we received a call once Manfred was in recovery. Exceptional customer service! In my 53 years I have never seen better customer service in my life, or more professional, positive, upbeat, caring people.

Everyone at VCRR, from the wonderful ladies up front, to everyone in the back, was so nice to us and to Manfred and are so compassionate and empathetic that it made me cry! I’ve never had a group of total strangers be so nice to me like that. Thank God for all of you! When I visited Manfred he wasn’t even shaking and that’s a sign that he was ok being where he was, he wasn’t scared at all.

We have had six dogs over the last 20 years and at one time or another all have visited VCRR. For some reason our dogs only want to get hurt on the weekends and holidays! Molly gave us a tour before we visited Manfred. I thought, like at our vet’s office, that there were probably a couple of doctors in the back. I was astounded to learn that 140 staff were present and to see the size of the operation taking place. I was very impressed and still can’t get over it. I had no idea how large your facility was and how many animals you were treating. There were animals everywhere! I recommend that you give more tours to visitors so that they can fully appreciate what you do. I had no idea at all what your hospital encompassed. Wow!

Manfred will be with you all a few more days then he can come home! Our other dogs are pining for him to come home and our family will once again be complete upon Manfred’s return. Manfred will walk again and not be in pain anymore and will be able to live out the rest of his life with us, his family. Manfred will have a nice, long life because you were able to help him. Manfred has been on many road trips, most recently to the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, and now he will once again be able to go on road trips!

Bless all of you and all of the wonderful work you do. I wouldn’t want to live on this earth without dogs and the people who treat dogs!

Leah and Jim Bang, Manfred, Lady Darling and Pentworth

P.S. Until next time when we are there with another one of our dogs!


September 27, 2014 Testimonials0

Dear Dr. Lane and Staff,

Happy Halloween from Max Bahr! Max is still going strong after his surgery on December 30. Thanks again!

The Bahrs


September 25, 2014 Testimonials0

This is Dudley Phillips, a little beagle that Dr. Lane did back surgery on 2 weeks ago. He came in for suture removal on Friday and is doing great—as you can tell by his mom’s embroidery talent. 🙂


June 8, 2011 Testimonials0

“We are writing to give a testimonial to Dr. Lane on behalf of our beloved longhaired Dachshund Shay Nelson. At five years old Dr. Lane did spinal surgery on Shay’s neck and as promised she came through better than new. At eight years old Shay again had spinal surgery on her back and again, as promised by Dr. Lane, came through the surgery better than new. We’ve just lost our beloved Shay at 13 years 8 months old to an unrelated situation but want to thank Dr. Lane for giving our little girl the absolute best five years of her life. She ran, jumped and played like a pup until the end, thanks entirely to Dr. Lane. We are so eternally grateful”… John & Cheryl Nelson Pagosa Springs, CO.

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