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June 8, 2011 Featured Patients0

As a veterinary specialist, I have been fortunate to practice specialized veterinary medicine and surgery for strangers and for colleagues, who allowed me the privilege of caring for their own pet. I have dealt with both the positive and negative outcomes of their companion animals. This is an emotional side that I have kept at a distance.

My family has been blessed by a wonderful companion and family member who, for 15 years has always brought happiness, laughter, and smiles to our faces whether she was chasing hummingbird shadows, barking at nonexistent objects intended to stimulate our other Jack Russell Terrier, Tobie, or attempting to crawl underneath the covers at night to sleep. This latter maneuver usually resulted in a brawl with Tobie, who was already under the covers.

These simple joys, and an endless list of other memories, bring immense pleasure to the life of a professional practicing veterinary medicine, and were sometimes forgotten with the rushed and harried nature of our profession. Even when we experienced 14-16 hour days, there was never a time when I returned home from a long day where our eldest JRT, Annie, was not waiting with a smile, a wag, and attempts to be patted and loved. Annie was loved and she knew it. She taught me of the significance pets play in our lives. She will be truly missed from our family.


June 8, 2011 Featured Patients0

Is it hot in here or is it just me? Actually, I am just waiting for more chilled de-ionized water. Where else can you get 5-Star treatment from a specialty neurology service? Foxy Lady is recovering from an unusual antibiotic induced reaction affecting her coordination center of her brain.  With a full recovery expected, Foxy is now at home with her mother. Life is now looking better.


June 8, 2011 Featured Patients0

Dylan arrived to Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology with the ability to win over the hearts of the hospital staff. This not only demonstrated his intellect, but his uncanny ability to find a way into our hearts. Dylan was battling a spinal cord disease that was destroying the function of his cervical (within his neck) spinal cord. Dylan had progressed to the point where he could no longer walk before presenting for further assessment and help. Following the neurological examination, Dylan underwent magnetic resonance imaging to define the cause and extent of his spinal cord dysfunction. Multiple compressions were found to be present in his neck. Surgical decompression followed with steady neurologic recovery noted. Dylan was discharged with a very promising future.

Despite the supportive efforts of his devoted owner, Dylan developed sudden and painful spinal cord dysfunction. Repeat imaging defined his problem to be caused by infection at his surgery site with reactive tissue compression of his spinal cord. Dylan again underwent surgery and the helping hands of the neurology staff. If it is true that lifelong bonds are defined by adversity and challenge, Dylan has many ties to Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology. As your picture demonstrates Dylan, you are again a force to be reckoned with.


June 8, 2011 Featured Patients0

Rajah, the angelic-appearing Pomeranian in this photo has always enjoyed an active and outgoing lifestyle. Crippled by severe neck pain, Rajah was unable to enjoy racing up the stairs with BJ. Despite excellent medical care, Rajah was unable to function. Rajah was referred to RMVN and with magnetic resonance imaging, was diagnosed with a ruptured (herniated) disc. Dr. Lane performed surgery; with immediate relief of the neck pain Rajah was experiencing. Rajah now waits for the go ahead to race up the stairs again with BJ. On your mark, get set…

June 8, 2011 Featured Patients0

“Eukie” Tarry – Malamute

We are often asked to define happiness for our pets. Eukie’s owners, Holly and Jason, allowed Eukie to dictate this pleasure for himself and his parents. They had no idea they were his vehicle. The picture cannot provide insight to the personality this dog had. Eukie greeted Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology with a friendly and helpful attitude, despite the inability to walk without weakness, discomfort and collapse. His family knew he was failing and asked for help.

Eukie underwent further testing which allowed for the diagnosis of idiopathic femoral thrombosis. Eukie had blockages of the main blood vessels providing blood flow to his rear legs. This resulted in inadequate delivery of energy molecules and the removal of toxic by-products from muscle function. The result, failure of muscle function and pain.

Aggressive management was implemented to thin his blood and increase blood flow to his muscles. Eukie never complained. After going home with his family, Eukie experienced a sudden lung complication from his disease resulting in respiratory difficulty and hospitalization. Even when fighting to breathe, Eukie found time to bay and howl! Sadly, Eukie slipped farther from our care despite a strong effort. Holly and Jason were asked to look inside and make the most difficult decision of their lives for their life-long companion. The Tarrys made this decision out of love as well as in thanks for all that Eukie had done for them and for the people he touched.

Your beautiful photograph demonstrates the joy he had with you both. Many of us will never begin to enjoy that which you gave to Eukie, and he returned to you 10 fold! We must also believe Eukie is still at the summit waiting. Eukie will be missed but never forgotten. Our thoughts are with you both and your companion.


June 8, 2011 Featured Patients0

“Zeke” Triplett – Bull Mastiff

It is memorable for a specialty veterinarian to meet a remarkable pet. Zeke was introduced to Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology suffering from a left thoracic-limb lameness where diagnosis had remained elusive. Despite experiencing pain in the left front leg, Zeke always greeted everyone with a wagging tail, a smile, and a head butt for affection.

Zeke presented to Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology in December of 2009. Zeke was assessed on multiple occasions, undergoing 2 magnetic resonance imaging studies to further define his problem. On the second imaging study, a soft-tissue enlargement was identified on the underside of the left shoulder joint. Surgical exploration of the mass lesion revealed an infected joint capsule tumor, a synovial cell sarcoma.

Despite the pain and treatment, Zeke continued to provoke affection and provide everyone with a happy, outgoing nature. Zeke would carry his animal toy within his mouth at all times, challenging anyone to take it from him, all the while wagging his tail. Despite all efforts to show he was doing well, Zeke continued to decline. Zeke’s left leg was amputated, and the tumor removed. Zeke temporarily rallied with improved function and quality of life giving the feeling of success for the valiant soldier. This was short lived, when a persistent cough and reduced appetite concerned his owners. Repeat assessment and evidence of metastases of the cancer to his lungs was identified.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Zeke’s parents, Andy and Dhiannon, remained positive, returning Zeke’s love to the degree that no others could have. They were at the forefront of Zeke’s care with attendant calls for help and further therapy. All was attempted to cure Zeke and provide a quality of life. Faced with making the ultimate decision for a valued part of their family, both Andy and Dhiannon asked Dr. Lane for his advice. The answer was easy, “It is time. You must now say goodbye to a valued family member.” Zeke was let go while at home with his loving family.

In my specialty career, I have met and helped the most amazing pet owners and animals. Each is different, special, and unforgettable. Zeke always demonstrated a positive, powerful, and persuasive personality (The 3 “P’s”) and outlook on life. We now know Zeke is in a better place and pain free. What an amazing life offered by this gentle giant. Our thoughts go with you Andy and Dhiannon. Zeke and the both of you will not soon be forgotten. Zeke will be missed by many.

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