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October 10, 20140Featured Patients


October 10, 2014 0
Mr. Irresistible is in the house! Caesar, the “Grumpy Cat” (the kitty internet sensation) of the dog world. He is a sensation here in the hospital, and in no way grumpy!!! Casear came to see us for neck pain, and occasional yelping. He had a cervical MRI on June 9th, and was diagnosed with an instability and disk compression between C1 and C2, which are the first 2 vertebrae behind the skull. He had surgery June 10th, and now has to wear a “helmet” to stabilize the site. Although he looks very sad, don’t let those looks fool you! He is very comfortable, and Casear gets TONS of attention AND treats as he had a much practiced begging face! Caesar will be having to wear the bandage on his head for a few months (letting the bone graft and bone cement help heal and stabilize the site), so we will be seeing Caesar every month for bandage changes. We hope he will be as happy to see us, as we will be to see him!

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