Your Pet’s Neurology

Diagnosing a specific neurological disorder may be very difficult at times. Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology, in Englewood, Colorado, tackles these difficult cases everyday. With 24-hour specialized care, on-site magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), two dedicated operating theaters and a team of certified veterinary technicians and board-certified specialists, miracles happen every day.

New Patients & First Visits

WELCOME to our practice! When your appointment is scheduled, our coordinator will ask for all pertinent information, so that your pet’s file will be ready when you arrive. Your initial office appointment is scheduled for 40 minutes. Please plan to arrive early. After checking in, a certified technician will weigh your pet, and then escort you to one of our examination rooms.

Pet Wheelchair Carts

One of the most important benefits of using a cart is for the mental health of your pet. Carts provide a sense of freedom your pet needs. A cart will allow your pet to accompany you on walks, play, and sometimes run faster than the other dogs since they now have wheels.

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Patient Testimonials

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Some of the services we provide are: neurosurgery, complete neurological examination, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), cerebrospinal fluid centesis for analysis (CSF), seizure assessment and management, neuromuscular assessment and management, including electrodiagnostic testing: electromyography, motor and sensory nerve testing, single fiber electromyography, brainstem auditory evolked potentials and muscle and nerve biopsy.

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